The Plan Structure

  • A PPO Plan designed for Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Dispatchers, Municipal Employees and their families
  • All products are fully insures
  • Enhanced In-Network benefits through the Blue Cross Network in Michigan and any other states Blue Cross participates in.
  • Enhanced In-Network benefits for our of State members who receive and utilize our PHCS/MulitPlan ID card.
  • Members may go in and out of network anytime at members option, however, they should keep in mind that they receive a higher benefit level in network
  • No Gatekeepers
  • No Referrals needed
  • You Choose Your Doctors
  • 2nd and 3rd Opinions for Surgical Procedures

Numerous plans, prescription options, deductibles and co pays available.  We can tailor a plan to your needs including Health Savings Accounts, High Deductible Plans, and plans that meet the State of Michigan Hard Cap or 80/20 mandates for certain public employees.  We now have the ability to build a plan to meet your benefit and cost needs!

Premium Structure

  • Split Rate Premiums for Medical. This means separate rates for Active and Retired Members.